Welcome to my new book…

… and to my lucky, lucky life in Transylvania. Every day I wonder how I got here, how I have been so fortunate as to live in this little bubble of paradise, 1,000 metres up in the Carpathians – especially after the grief that made it possible. It was only because I lost the long struggle that I won this happy ending.


My happy news is that the book will be launched at the Gaudeamus book fair in Bucharest between 16-20 November.

In this blog I’ll share with you some extracts from each chapter to give you a feel for the book and what you’ll find there, and I’ll post photos so you can see who and what I’m writing about.

Watch out for events in your area – book signings, talks, writing workshops… I’ll be travelling around Romania to spread the word about the book, so if you’d like me to come to your place, let me know. More details in the Events section (available soon).

The book is published by Editura All, in print and as ebook – you’ll soon be able to order online here. If you’d like to order a larger volume of books, look at the paragraph about volume discount. A great Christmas present…

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