Does the cover tell the story?

Book cover, Din Liverpool in Carpati, Arabella McIntyre-Brown, Transilvania

So here it is – the book cover! Something a little different from the usual cover design in Romania? A huge thank you to Andra Penescu for such a bright and cheery statement of the book’s content.

I’m working on the back cover blurb, with the help of all your valuable feedback, so soon you’ll have both sides of the argument…

For now – what do you think, book clan? Imagine the book sitting on a shelf amongst other titles – would this cover make you curious enough to pick it up?


7 thoughts on “Does the cover tell the story?

  1. It’s a little bit unusual for me, I must admit. I had to leave it for some days before saying something.. Now I like it but I still cannot tell about the reaction in the bookstore..


    • As you say, Gabriela – we’ll see! The publishers have taken a leap of faith (the cover style was my suggestion) and if nothing else, the cover should stand out against the rest. The main purpose of the cover is to make readers curious enough to pick the book off the shelf, read the back cover – then if the back cover intrigues them, they may look inside and – with luck – buy the book… That’s the strategy – I can only pray that it works!


  2. Curious enough to pick it up? Probably; certainly if browsing for something connected Liverpool, cats, London or Transylvania etc. If escaping life in the big cities appeals too but maybe need to think twice, that is to say why is the city upside down, turn it on it’s head = escape? Love the whole idea of your book – how to place an order?

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    • As soon as I have details of how to order, I’ll post it here! Thanks for useful feedback… btw how’s your Romanian – the book is in Romanian translation so if you’re not up to reading level in that language, you may prefer to wait for the English version (I hope to announce news of that soon).


    • Hope so, Hayley! I’m on hunt for an English publisher now – if the book succeeds in Romanian, this should give a UK publisher some confidence that it could work in English, too. I’ll keep you updated with news as and when…


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