Cover blurb mashup – better?

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Back cover blurb

Thanks to all your feedback, book clan, I’ve mashed up versions 1 and 2 of the cover blurb and now present this new version for your constructive criticism. With the front cover illustration – does this do the job? What do you think?

This candid and engaging book is nothing less than a love letter to Romania. Fleeing from a colourful British city to a half-built wooden house on a hillside in the Carpathian mountains, eight kilometres from a shop and a world away from her busy life as a writer and journalist in Liverpool, should have been a disaster. In her fifties, with no steady income, no pension and no Plan B, she was quizzed by her new neighbours and every Romanian she met. Why? How? … and alone? Triggered by a spate of family funerals, the truth behind her flight from England had its roots in a troubled childhood. Everything suggested she’d fail. Instead, she found the secret of happiness in Transylvania.

In a deeply personal account of her mutation from urbanite to happy Carpathian recluse, Arabella reveals the magic of rural Transylvania in a way that will melt the heart of every Romanian.


4 thoughts on “Cover blurb mashup – better?

  1. “…in a way that will melt the heart of every Romanian.” Come on, Arabella, why only Romanians? I think your story is a bit universal, isn’t it?
    The mid aged single woman, strong outside, soft inside, marked by her life, finds a place on earth to reflect, to reconnect to life from another freaky perspective. And she (re-)discovers things and feelings we all might have forgotten in our busy urban life. That’s universal, that’s the nostalgia to fuel rivers of melting materials in every human cell.

    To put it in other words, what I like is the feeling of taking yourself from the anonymous space of the big city and beam yourself in the middle of a place which puts you in control but, in the same second you feel in control, you notice there is something stronger around you have to be grateful to. Some call that God, but I think, that’s life itself.

    Just can’t wait to read it, Arabella!

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    1. What a wonderful comment, Silviu – mersi mult!

      ‘Romanians’ only because this edition is in Romanian language and honed to appeal firstly to Romanians here and in diaspora. If I only sell 19 million copies, that’s okay ; ))
      But I hope you’re right that it’s a universal story AND does a good PR job for this country. That would be a nice contribution to the place I now call home.


  2. excellent Arabella, just a minor comment: “should have been a disaster” sounds weird, you don’t change your life expecting a disaster, right ? I believe this should be softened; you chose for the move, after all ….

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