Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Low cloud, mist, Magura, autumn weather, Transylvania

Low cloud washes down into the folds of Piatra Craiului

How much more autumnal can a place be? Fiery leaves, soft cloud, summer’s haystack… This is how 12th October looks in Magura.


7 thoughts on “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

  1. Thank you very much, Arabella, for such a comprehensive answer!
    Yes, I am in Alberta, Canada.
    Our grocery prices here are getting up on a regular basis…like in the UK.


      • Oh, hi, Val – you’re in Canada?
        I grow a bit of veg in the summer – chard, cabbage, salad stuff, beans – but mostly I get my fresh stuff from Zarnesti market (esp from local growers where possible) – otherwise from Lidl, Profi and whatever small grocers and greengrocers stock what I need. My neighbour gives me raw milk from her cow Joiana, sometimes eggs and a bit of home-made cheese. If I need anything fancier or imported, I’ll go to Auchan (big French supermarket) or MegaImage in Brasov. Sometimes I get Mid-Eastern spices etc from a small shop in Bucuresti, but the local places are stocking more and more exotic things, such as coconut milk. Monthly budget – can’t give you figure, actually, as it depends so much on how many volunteers I have through the house, and whether I indulge in some de luxe dinners for friends… Everyday groceries are certainly cheaper than UK, but prices are rising fast in the supermarkets. The local Sunday market is still very cheap, seasonal and (local garden surplus) organic.


  2. Hi Arabella, love your posts. Would be interesting to know how do you make your groceries? What look like your local groceries stores? Monthly groceries budget… if possible))

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