French expat in Romania:” Here I feel more free, more alive!”

Another expat delighting in Romania. Good luck with your delicious-looking book, Marc!

In a time when Romanians migrate to different countries, foreigners migrate to ours. Romanians have always been curious about them and always have wondered why people from countries like France, UK and the US move here. Often the reason is that people are friendly and Romania is just an amazing, beautiful place.

One Frenchman who decided to make Romania his home is Marc Alexandre. Marc Alexandre was born in the Picardie region, France. He comes from a region rich in agriculture, a region where famous personalities such as Racine, La Fontaine, Alexandre Dumas, Jules Verne have lived. A place perfect for creative people.
The Frenchman is a very active and curious person and is always involved in a project. He graduated with an engineering degree, he is a licenced helicopter pilot and most of his life he has been an entrepreneur. However, he was always in love with cooking and…

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