What’s up, pussycat?

I need a name for my little black cat, please. She was given to me by kind friend Sergiu at the weekend. She’s a copy of the very famous Gayer-Anderson Egyptian cat in the British Museum, dated about 600BC – this copy is about 30cm high, very elegant. As you can see, smaller than ginger George, very curious…

She sits on my desk to inspire me – but what name would you give her?

Update: After lots of suggestions from Facebook friends, with some brilliant names, I’ve decided (with approval from the cat) on Nyx – suggested by Ioana Mera. A Greek goddess, the personification of night, Nyx has all the qualities (many shared with Egyptian cat-goddes Bastet) that I’d look for in a cat who sat on a mat by my computer to guard and inspire me…


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