Look, look – book’s here!

Book Din Liverpool in Carpati against snowy landscape

Monochrome setting, colourful book

The book, with half the number of authorial hands that typed it. Of the individuals on the cover, the bear is behind a tree on the left; the sheep are huddled just behind the book, the horse is in her stable, birds are fluffed up on their perches, dog’s in his kennel, and cats are all snuggled up in their beds by the fire in my study. I’m the fool with her hand out of the window…


6 thoughts on “Look, look – book’s here!

    • Thanks, Chas! But can’t take much of the credit ; )) Much easier with a publisher to do most of the work (compared to publishing ourselves). I’m just doing frilly bits around the edge (apart from writing the thing in the first place) but mainly just have to turn up on the day. Should be fun, even if chaotic. Everyone’s really chipping in to help – can’t think why but I’m extremely grateful.


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