Ran Fiennes admits to Fear

51cccvccwl-_sx323_bo1204203200_Hear the author of my book’s foreword read his own new book, Fear, on BBC Radio. It’s the Book of the Week, but you catch it any time of the day or night on BBC iPlayer.

“Sir Ranulph Fiennes has climbed the Eiger and Mount Everest. He’s crossed both Poles on foot. He’s been a member of the SAS and fought a bloody guerrilla war in Oman. And yet he confesses that his fear of heights is so great that he’d rather send his wife up a ladder to clean the gutters than do it himself.

“In Fear, the world’s greatest explorer delves into his own experiences and those of others to try and explain what fear is, and how we feel it. With an enthralling combination of story-telling, research and personal accounts of his own struggles to overcome fear, Sir Ranulph Fiennes sheds new light on one of humanity’s strongest emotions.”

Then you can find his earlier book, Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know, in Romanian. It’s a great read and a brilliant Christmas present for anyone who loves adventure and human excellence.

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