A savoury little bomb of taste

A plate of cheese, chutney and black grapes
Apple & ginger chutney, home-made in Magura

Come and try a tiny taste bomb of Romanian mountain cheese and homemade apple & ginger chutney, with one of Rachel Sargent’s freshly made cheese scones and a sip of Alan Clark’s cider – just for you when you come to my book launch on Saturday. A classic British treat with a Romanian twist – a bit like the book, really…


4 thoughts on “A savoury little bomb of taste

    1. Tis my pleasure. I admire you for taking that leap, and love reading your stories. We’ve had a not so good week with hubby’s health, so it’s lovely to read about small pleasures, and kind people. I genuinely can’t wait to read your book!

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  1. You just took me straight back to the wonderful mountain cheeses we got to sample in Romania a few years back! The different types of honey were amazing too! Wishing you all the best for Saturday.


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