A valuable gift

Diana Maria Voicu in Bucharest has this to say about the book: “I guess I bought the book out of curiosity – after all, it is impossible to completely see yourself with an outsider’s eye, so it was tempting to have a glimpse of what an English woman has to say about us, from, literally, the heart of my country. And, yes, reading through it, I was not disappointed: a fresh, kind and balanced look at the more traditional Romanian life, its customs and way of living has rekindled my appreciation of what we still have here, in this country that we too often curse. Thank you, Arabella, for that, it is a valuable gift.

But the more surprising gift was the writer’s personal journey, the story of her brave sailing through life, her honesty about faults and suffering, joys and limitations, aging and dying, friends and childhood (you known, childhood – that happy time of our lives which leaves each of us scarred but also builds our character and strengths!).
So I found myself immersed into a dialogue with you, dear Arabella, about solitude, the energy that comes from living close to nature, the joy of being present to the sounds of the forest. Although I have not discovered Magura (or Pestera) through your book, your descriptions and stories, the details about neighbours and animals should rightfully qualify you for a contributor to the branding of the area. A real painter, if you like, in touch with the pure essence of things and beings.

I am looking forward to your next title and wishing that your beloved Magura and the life in Romania gives you the inspiration for many more books!”


2 thoughts on “A valuable gift

    1. Or both! Thanks, Jan – yes, of course it’s fantastic to get such lovely reviews, especially from complete strangers who buy the book without knowing anything about me. What writer wouldn’t love hearing such wonderful feedback? x


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