Kind readers and curious visitors – please take note

IMG_1236 me writing in snow

a) I work from home and often work at weekends, late into the evening and, indeed, throughout the day. I am not bored and lonely, but busy and trying to concentrate.

b) I am a solitary soul and privacy is extremely important to me.

c) Due to a) and b) above, I am never prepared for unexpected visitors.

d) I’m English and over 60: therefore mulish and intransigent.

For those reasons and others I shan’t bore you with, I don’t welcome visitors to my house unless I have been warned well in advance or I have issued an invitation. If I know someone is coming, I will put out the flags, make a cake, put on my best frock, and smile as I open the door. Otherwise, not.

If you are interested in me and my books, I’m very grateful and glad, but please, please, send me an email at least three days in advance to see if a visit is convenient. I am always delighted to meet people at events, bookfairs, workshops and so on, or at random moments in Lidl. But an Englishwoman’s home is her castle. The moat, drawbridge and portcullis are imaginary, but please imagine them.

I hope you understand, but if not, I beg that you are kind enough to accept the situation. If neither apply, be prepared to be harpooned or eaten by the tigers and wolverines. Or both.