TV chef at a tangent

Before Christmas I was invited on to Antena 1’s cookery show, Happy Food. It was something completely new for me – I’m not keen on being in front of the cameras, having a good face for radio…

Nor am I a proper cook. Slapdash, I think, is a good adjective for my cooking style.

Nor did it have anything to do with being a writer.

Nonetheless, it sounded like fun, and it’s always good to explore new avenues…

happyfood-stillThe Happy Food crew were brilliant – the whole thing was amazingly laid-back and highly professional (not an easy combo to achieve) so they somehow made me feel relaxed and confident, to my great surprise.

It was a hoot! Have a look – we did three recipes, so there are three 8-minute shows to watch. Let me know what you think – and do try the recipes!

Happy Food 1: soup

Happy Food 2: main course

Happy Food 3: dessert