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din-liverpool-3dDin Liverpool în Carpati: cum mi-am gasit fericirea in inima Transilvaniei is the Romanian title of the book I’ve written about my first six years in Transylvania; it’s to be launched on Saturday 19th November 2016 at the Gaudeamus book fair in Bucharest. There will be a whole series of events where I can meet you and sign your copies, so do come and join us!

The English title is A stake in Transylvania – I’m on the hunt now for an UK and/or US publisher for the original English version.

It’s in print as well as ebook, so wherever you are in the world, you can grab your copy from 19th November.

You may have given me feedback on other stuff, and know how the feedback thing works. If you haven’t, it’s very simple. As and when you get a moment, please leave a comment on the ‘Reviews’ page. I’d love to see pics and selfies of you with your copy of the book, too – just post them to me on my Facebook page or email to and I’ll post them here on the blog with your reviews and comments.

It’s readers who will (one hopes) buy the book, recommend it on Amazon and Elefant, tell their friends, send it to radio and TV producers, etc. So I’m looking for your honest, instant reaction as a reader. If you happen to be a literary reviewer, I’ll be very happy to supply you with any extra press material you might need.

And please, please – don’t be reluctant to point out the bad bits. These are the bits that I most need to know about – the bits that need cutting altogether or rewriting for the next edition. If no-one tells me about bits that need correcting or improving, they’ll stay there and fester, and the book will suffer. You will be doing me a special favour if you raise an eyebrow at the dodgy bits. I won’t take it as a personal slight, but as a great kindness. Please note: I probably won’t make every change suggested, but will always learn from your opinions and consider every comment carefully.

Huge thanks, and I hope you enjoy it.


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