My family and other foundlings


Hobbs and her three offspring – a complete and completely happy little family.

What is the attraction of cats for women who live alone? Hmmm. Let’s think. Cats are small, warm and furry: pleasant to touch, just the right size for a hug. They are decorative. They are affectionate, but not besotted.

They are relatively quiet, compared to dogs or children. They keep themselves clean; they don’t complain about the food; they don’t smoke, drink, or play golf. They don’t belch, drool, or snore – although they do, occasionally, fart (and some do dribble ­– but not mine, thankfully).

They don’t require clothes, electronics, cash or private tuition. They don’t demand ponies, Lego, big weddings, motorbikes, cars, or houses. They don’t want you to change, they don’t care about your hair, your weight or your fashion sense. If they don’t like your friends they don’t complain, they just vanish until the friends have left.

Hobbs can be moody and occasionally hates us all, but the other three are always sunny and easy going unless they’re feeling ill, which is rare. They don’t whinge, gossip or bitch; they purr for much of the time…

And then came the foundlings, Porridge and Cherry… trouble on eight feet.


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