Biography and bibliography

My name’s Arabella McIntyre-Brown, and I’m a British writer, born in rural West Sussex (southern England) in 1958. Aged 19 I moved to London and lived there for 11 years, then migrated north to Liverpool for the following 20.

My last job in Sussex, in 1977, was as a dresser (wardrobe dept) at Chichester Festival Theatre, where, amongst other tasks, I took a glove back to Ingrid Bergman every night of her play. In London I dressed Nigel Hawthorne for the run of ‘Privates on Parade’ where I made tea for visiting stars such as Lauren Bacall and Gene Kelly. During my brief time on ‘Dracula’ at the Cambridge Theatre I had no inkling that this might hold a clue to my future life…

In Liverpool there was a decade of business journalism, but I quit my role as business magazine editor at the end of 2000, and focused on my first book, ‘Liverpool: the first 1,000 years’. In 2003 came my first children’s book (‘The Dragon that Squeaked’), illustrated by 30 local kids, with a free copy given to 20,000 children. In all I wrote and/or edited nine books while in Liverpool, and published a few others.

In 2005 I’d had several family funerals in 14 months, beginning with my sister and ending with my mother, and the effect was to turn my brain to fog. Unable to work or make a decision, the only thing to do was sell everything and move to Transylvania.

It took four years of time and space (no pills or therapists) to get back to a point where I could start work again. Since then I’ve written five books in three years – this one and four kids’ books, one of which has become a Romanian best-seller.

I live at the far end of the back of beyond, with four cats. Given my wobbly state of mind when I arrived, that doubtless makes me a mad cat woman. I’m also mad about wildflowers and clouds, birds and wild beasts, by which I’m surrounded. I murder the Romanian language and try not to give my neighbours too many headaches.

My two brothers live on Vancouver Island (Canada) and in Bangkok; I have four nieces, nine great-nephews and -nieces, and assorted cousins.

Books written & published in UK

Liverpool: the first 1,000 years (2001 Garlic Press)

Christmas Day Liverpool Quiz Book (2002 Garlic Press)

Grand National Quiz Book (2003 Garlic Press)

The Dragon that Squeaked (2003 Garlic Press)

Cross the Mersey (2004 Garlic Press)

Connections (2005 Garlic Press)

Culture of Capital (2006 Capsica)

Time and Tide (2007 Capsica)

Score (2007 Capsica)


Books written and published in Romania

Din Liverpool in Carpati (Editura ALL 2016)

Dragons Over London (Booklet Fiction 2017)

Floss the Lost Puppy (Booklet Fiction 2017)

Dalia and the Pet Detectives (Booklet Fiction 2018)

Floss and the Circus (Booklet Fiction 2018)

A Stake in Transylvania (Garlic Press 2019)

Floss 3 (title tbc) (Booklet Fiction 2019)