OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWriters love getting feedback – it’s our soul food. Harsh reviews cut us to the quick, but constructive criticism is very valuable. All comment is very much appreciated (unless you’re a troll).

There’s a page of reviews in English, and a page in Romanian.

The book is launched and flying…  so it’s over to you. Va astept!


4 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Dear Arabella,
    I received your book “Din Liverpool in Carpati” as a gift from my partner who knows I love journals and travel books. I am now halfway reading your book and I want to thank you for the very courageous and honest window you’ve opened to your life, heart and soul. Reading your book is my treat at night before going to sleep and I feel as if having a nice cozy chat.
    I have been to Magura and oh I see why it has caught your heart. It has mine too. The village sounds at night set are priceless. It reminds me of my childhood at nana in another mountain village. The way you describe Magura takes me back to all the smells, sounds and feelings. The neighbours also remind me of my nana’s. Good-hearted people. You’re capturing so well the romanian’s village soul with the goods and the bads. I also love how you switch back and forward through memories, childhood and present, never letting the reader get bored. I’ve had some good really good laughs.
    And then the alcoholism which was also present in my upbringings and I can again find myself and my struggles through your introspection. It is in a way a healing process.
    I’m not very good with words but hopefully I managed to convey my message and especially to send you my thanks. I am looking forward to continue my journey through your lens.
    Yours gratefully,


    • Dear Oana – many thanks for your kind comments – I really appreciate them. It’s lovely to hear you mention the things you are particularly enjoying, even if it’s a painful ‘enjoyment’. I hope the rest of the book appeals to you in the same way…


  2. Vatafu Family ( The Twin Houses) , Magura : we loved the accuracy of the village description , we loved the way you think about us. You wrote a wonderful book. Thank You!


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