Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Low cloud, mist, Magura, autumn weather, Transylvania

Low cloud washes down into the folds of Piatra Craiului

How much more autumnal can a place be? Fiery leaves, soft cloud, summer’s haystack… This is how 12th October looks in Magura.


Marooned in a sea of cloud

Good morning! And what a morning…

Fog, rain, mountain weather, Magura

Piatra Craiului, Magura, mountain scenery, Transylvania, Carpathian Mountains, weather, October weather, autumn weather, sunny weather, sun on snow, snowy mountainThe camera was facing in the same direction, from the same window, as for yesterday’s glorious golden image. But that’s mountain weather for you. What mountains? you may ask. What’s the weather like with you?