Too hot and sticky? Watch this!

For all of you suffering from heat and humidity, watch these two videos of yesterday’s gentle thunderstorm over a Carpathian mountain village in Transylvania, and bask in the calm, cooling greenery of my home. Aaahhhh…



Winter succeeds with its comeback


20th April, after Easter. My birthday, in fact. The first I’ve ever spent in the SNOW.

Even the snowman has stayed in bed

Still snowing. The Queen’s birthday, 21st April, and the weather is insisting that it’s only January. The wind has changed direction, about 180 degrees, and has strengthened a lot. So my gates are blocked and would need digging out, plus a path from the gates to the house. Where the wind has blown the snow off the trees, I can see colour of leaves, and some whiteness of blossom. I can’t believe the blossom will survive to become fruit, but I hope hope hope. Also hope the poor young bees and other pollinators have found somewhere warm to shelter.

Time to light the fire again. It’s 3 degrees outside, so there must be a thaw in progress, but it’s going to take a while…

Monochrome is SO last season

This morning. Thursday 20th April (my birthday, as it happens). Several trees weighed down by blossom, the daffodils, tulips, wild violets all blooming with life and colour. Now? We’ll see what survives this wintery onslaught. Oh Spring, where art thou?

Snowy Carpathian Spring

7am, 7th April: We can never take Spring for granted, 1,000 metres up in the mountains! Feel the North Wind blowing…

gales & snowThe end of March brought delightfully warm, sunny Spring weather, and the daffodils sprang from the ground to nod in the balmy air.

This morning, I was blasted from sleep at 5am by gales trying to blow my house to Oz. That was it for sleep, so I got up. When the light revealed the landscape, we were back to white. Snow is now coating the daffodils and time will tell if they can survive it, poor things. It’s nowhere near freezing, so they might come through.

At least the fruit trees are still in tight bud, so this time the blossom won’t be blown off the trees. Fingers crossed…

The yoyo weather will bounce again, and the sun will be back before long.

Just to remind you – a few days ago, we had a wonderful sunrise…

colourful sunrise

Marooned in a sea of cloud

Good morning! And what a morning…

Fog, rain, mountain weather, Magura

Piatra Craiului, Magura, mountain scenery, Transylvania, Carpathian Mountains, weather, October weather, autumn weather, sunny weather, sun on snow, snowy mountainThe camera was facing in the same direction, from the same window, as for yesterday’s glorious golden image. But that’s mountain weather for you. What mountains? you may ask. What’s the weather like with you?