Hallowe’en in Transylvania

The ghouls and spectres will soon be gathering… here in Transylvania must be the beating heart of Hallowe’en, and here are the images to prove it. Whaaahaahaahaa… Wrap up warm tonight, against the deadly touch of the freezing wind whips up your trouser legs and makes every hair bristle in terror. Is that the wind howling, or the eldritch shriek of the dead, screeching to be let out of purgatory?

But not all of us will be outside watching witches whizz overhead in the black night sky….


Some of us don’t give a rat’s right knacker about the Undead, enjoying a dreamless snooze in front of the fire


What’s up, pussycat?

I need a name for my little black cat, please. She was given to me by kind friend Sergiu at the weekend. She’s a copy of the very famous Gayer-Anderson Egyptian cat in the British Museum, dated about 600BC – this copy is about 30cm high, very elegant. As you can see, smaller than ginger George, very curious…

She sits on my desk to inspire me – but what name would you give her?

Update: After lots of suggestions from Facebook friends, with some brilliant names, I’ve decided (with approval from the cat) on Nyx – suggested by Ioana Mera. A Greek goddess, the personification of night, Nyx has all the qualities (many shared with Egyptian cat-goddes Bastet) that I’d look for in a cat who sat on a mat by my computer to guard and inspire me…