A picture of rural bliss

The gardening nut, dreaming of prize marrows? How would you caption this one?

Arabella with orchids, Magura, Transylvania

© Matei Buta


Mad hatter goes crazy

mad hatter, mental illness, mental health, recovery, one-eyed vision, visually-challenged

© Matei Buta

Another of Matei’s portraits – does this one capture a rather different facet of my character? Maybe the photo to go with articles of mental health (or otherwise), do you think?

Your captions?

The author as poseur

Matei Buta is a magician. I’ve always loathed having my photograph taken, but Matei made the day fly by as he conjured up image after amazing image.

I’m in excellent company – here’s Matei’s portrait of King Michael and Queen Ana, from 2011. And here you can see some of his marvellous portraits from the Români frumosi project. To know more about this talented young photographer, read an interview here.

I’ll post my favourites over the run-up to the launch, but here are the variations on the Rembrandt theme. Which do you like best? What captions would you put to each?