Nice surprise this morning

Blue Air spread

Thanks to Dean Edgar, flying on Blue Air this morning. The in-flight magazine has this spread – Dean snapped it and sent it to me. The joys of smartphones…!


Cooking up a storm on Romanian TV

Delia, Jamie, Nigel, Heston: move over. A new TV chef has arrived…

Before Christmas I got an astonishing invitation to come and do some cooking on camera.

happy-food-still-chillisHere you can see me and Vlad, the charming presenter, being hit by a high-Scoville wave of heat from an innocent-looking chilli pepper we’d just eaten.

Apart from our heads exploding with spice, it was amazing fun. And while I don’t expect to worry any famous TV chefs, it was a great new experience and I’m grateful to the team at Happy Day for the chance to chop chillis on the telly. The crew certainly seem to relish every dish once the cameras were switched off…

See the three 8-minute shows here.

TEDx and Vocea offer evidence

A couple of stories have appeared today, in the TEDx Brasov magazine (which has a link to my TEDx talk in May) and Thanks to Tibi Ruczui, Ioana Niculescu and Miruna Tudor.

This piece follows on from my TEDx talk in May, about creativity, imagination and innovation.  “Imaginaţie, creativitate, inovaţie. Toate reprezintă acelaşi lucru, corect? 
În realitate, de fapt, sunt trei lucruri total diferite.” Astfel şi-a început Arabella, englezoaică de provenienţă, discursul….  Read more 


A piece in today’s, about the launch on Saturday. “Cu o pălărie mare tip joben și o pană prinsă chiar pe mijloc, Arabella McIntyre-Brown atrage imediat privirile publicului care s-a adunat la târgul de carte Gaudeamus ce are loc în acest weekend la Romexpo în București. „Din Liverpool în Carpați”, cartea pe care o lansează astăzi, este despre viața pe care o trăiește într-un sat din inima Transilvaniei, Măgura, despre oamenii de acolo, despre animalele din sat, despre natură și despre liniștea sufletească pe care Arabella a găsit-o aici, în România, unde dorește să rămână….” Read more


Photo: Ioana Niculescu