Ambassadors and presidents at Bookfest


AMB at Bookfest green hatOne of each, anyway. After a lively talk at the 2019 Bookfest in Bucharest, came an entirely unexpected bonus. I was still signing books at the UK Stand, where I’d been one of their special guest authors, when the buzz went round that the President was on his way. I thought it might be worth hanging around a little longer.

The British Ambassador, Andrew Noble, noticed that I was lurking in the background (hard to be inconspicuous in the hat I was wearing), and was kind enough to introduce me to Klaus Iohannis, Romania’s very tall President.

In response to Mr. Noble’s brief outline of my story as a British migrant, the President’s response was short and sweet.

‘Impressive!’ he said as he shook my hand. Then, to my great surprise, he recognised me. “Is it possible that I’ve seen you in a documentary?” he asked. “It’s possible,” I replied.

Ambo, Pres, AMB