Lover boy is back

Papi, not-my-dog who vanished in the pursuit of love, eventually came back. He was beaten up, scarred and limping – presumably he’d been doing battle with younger, stronger dogs for the favours of whatever luscious girls they’d found in the village.

But he was home, he was alive, and has since recovered. Here he is, lounging in the sun at the end of this winter. Looking tiny besides Laica!

IMG_6771 - Version 2Now, in fact, he has his very own wife. Now adult, Laica has been on a chain for two years since she was only a few months old. She was released over Christmas, when I got the chance to tame this vicious biter (wouldn’t you be angry and ready to bite if you’d been on a chain 24/7 since your childhood?) with a couple of dog chews and some gentleness. She is a sweet dog, full of energy and enthusiasm, always hungry, always longing for love. And now, very pregnant… Papi is about to become a father. Watch this space…


Ranulph Fiennes writes the Foreword

“The mysterious region of Transylvania has now, a decade after Abbs claimed her stake in it, become one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Not only that, but Abbs found one of the most beautiful villages in the whole country. She’d say it was by luck, not judgement – but Ginny had this same talent for finding a piece of paradise in the most unlikely places, and would, I know, be full of admiration for her little sister’s brave move.”

My kind brother-in-law has written the foreword to the book, which gives it a massive boost, of course. You can see the full text of the Foreword here.

Ranulph Fiennes in Transylvania

Ran clearly enjoying his exploration of Transylvania from the warm environs of Magura

Ran, his second wife Louise and her son Alexander came to visit me in Magura a year or so after I bought the house, and had a great time exploring the crags and crevices of Piatra Craiului. Ran – then in the habit of training for marathons – ran down to Moieciu and Bran and back before breakfast at Cabana Moroie every day before the family went off with their guide Dan Marin on another adventure.

Later, when Ran and Louise were in New York, their taxi driver turned out to be a Romanian from Moieciu de Jos, just down the hill from Magura – he was thrilled to hear about their visit to his home town.

To save you Googling, Ranulph is the explorer, Ralph is his cousin, the actor.

Ranulph Fiennes in Magura, Transylvania

Ran (right) with Adriana Moroie and Dan Marin, in Magura

Ran Fiennes, Sir Ranulph, explorer, Magura, Arabella

Ran as you more often see him, at work at the ends of the Earth