Even the snowman has stayed in bed

Still snowing. The Queen’s birthday, 21st April, and the weather is insisting that it’s only January. The wind has changed direction, about 180 degrees, and has strengthened a lot. So my gates are blocked and would need digging out, plus a path from the gates to the house. Where the wind has blown the snow off the trees, I can see colour of leaves, and some whiteness of blossom. I can’t believe the blossom will survive to become fruit, but I hope hope hope. Also hope the poor young bees and other pollinators have found somewhere warm to shelter.

Time to light the fire again. It’s 3 degrees outside, so there must be a thaw in progress, but it’s going to take a while…


A village panorama

Coming back from the city on Sunday, I stopped for a quick panorama. Spring is a little later here than in the warmer parts of the country (even down in Zarnesti).

When I turned around, I found some of my neighbours clearly in need of something, but my language skills are limited, and I failed to provide whatever it was they wanted…